KShah is working on the new productions

KShah (6)

There are DJs that do not really care for the music. All they want to do is to make money from the events that people attend. You can usually recognize this from their attitude, and from the kind of music that they play. You will get the feeling that the music being played is out of touch with the general mood of the crowd. You will also get the feeling that the DJ does not really care, as long as he gets his cut at the end of the event.

This is not how KShah operates. You can feel the love for music vibrating through his body as he works his magic on the turn tables. He has been active in many countries in Middle East,East Asia,and Europe as a DJ on the hottest dance floors. He has focused all his energies on coming up with the nicest blends of tunes. He is highly talented, and you can feel this through his music.


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