Kourosh, also known as KShah is a Persian-born DJ, currently based out of Belgium.

He’s mainly known for his work as a DJ, producer, and radio host. First and foremost, Kourosh is a music lover whose goal is to bring the best, most exciting new EDM to the world! to do that, he spreads the fire through his own music, his remixes and his DJ-sets.

Kourosh earned his bachelor in sound engineering in 2011, and set out to become the owner and label manager at ‘Cyrus Recording’, also hosting his own radio show ‘Cyrus Radio’.
Through the years, Kourosh managed to perform extensively throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle Est. His music is available through many labels from all over the world, showcasing a diverse style and a unique approach!

This guy sure knows how to stay busy, with lots of ambitious projects on the go.
Stay tuned for new music, releases and events!